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Tennis Bound attend many local schools.

Our tennis programmes 

  • Held in the school premises with all equipment supplied by us
  • Sessions are great fun for all ages
  • Sessions work well with the curriculum

We will be posting testimonials on the website soon in the meantime we can offer many recommendations from the schoolswe already attend.

Please contact us for more detailed information and to discuss how we can work together for a great experience for all.

Schools we currently run tennis programmes in include:

  • St Martin's School (Independent)


Our 'In School' programme is based around the fundamentals of tennis, and is a fun and exciting way to encourage children to develop physically, mentally and socially.

We understand that for early years physical development is one of the primary areas, and strive to successfully encourage children to mature in this field.

The programme offers a fantastic opportunity to allow children to progress within a safe environment or familiar surroundings, every child is able to participate and the activities encourage a healthy life style.

Further Benefits

  • Discover the fundamentals of tennis  
  • Enhances control and co-ordination
  • Improve gross motor skills
  • Increase communication
  • Learning to play cooperatively taking turns
  • Widens their range of movement
  • Observe the effects of activity has on their body
  • Develop reception skills

These are just some of the various benefits that Tennis Bound will develop within the programme, whilst creating a positive and fun atmosphere.

We are offering our portable services for a small fee, as with all our services the first session is FREE.

For this fee each individual child will receive:
A fun packed half hour tennis lesson, developing each child, whilst learning the basics of tennis.
All equipment is supplied and brought to your door.
Each individual will be given the opportunity to purchase our NEW clothing range!

Group lessons for different age groups and levels.
Tot’s         3-5
Red          5-8
Orange    8-9
Green      9-10
Individual coaching is available for all ages and abilities.